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Product Details:

  • Easy-to-Use Liquid pH Water Enhancer Drops
  • Instantly and Permanently Alkalizes Water
  • Gives Drinking Water a Pleasing Natural Taste
  • Great for Adults, Kids, and even Pets
  • Same product, new name (formerly called HYDR8)

Benefits May Include:

  • Help the Body Maintain a More Balanced pH
  • Increase Hydration, which Helps Cells Function Optimally
  • Support Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
  • Support Detoxification and Free Radical Scavenging

Hydrate your body with great-tasting alkalized water! HYDR8TION contains a unique mineral complex that instantly and permanently raises the pH of water by approximately 2 full points to make it more alkaline. Plus, it gives drinking water a pleasing natural taste.

The easy-to-use liquid pH water enhancer restructures plain drinking water resulting in a more hydrating water, which the body can more readily use. This increase in hydration helps the cells function optimally. HYDR8TION may also support digestion, absorption of nutrients, free radical scavenging, detoxification, and elimination. Also, it can be used for adults, children, pets, and plants (see directions for different dilutions).

Drinking alkaline water helps support pH balance in the blood as well as in the body. Drinking very acidic liquids such as soft drinks as well as eating only cooked, canned, and processed foods can put stress on our body’s ability to maintain pH levels. Drinking alkaline HYDR8TION treated water may help to offset these acidic influences, and help the body maintain a more balanced pH, which is vital for optimal health and functioning.

For more information, refer to the Product Details document linked below.

Great-Tasting Alkalized Water

Natural tasting, easy-to-use, liquid pH water enhancer.