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Product Details:

  • Naturally Infused Adhesive Patches for Fast-Acting Relief
  • Redirects the Body’s Thermal Energy to Support Healing
  • Infused with Aromatic Healing Herbs
  • Easy and Convenient to Use At Home or On The Go

Benefits May Include:

  • Experience Fast-Acting, Concentrated Natural Relief
  • Soothe Tense, Tired Muscles and Sore, Stiff Joints
  • Temporarily Relieve Discomfort from Aches and Soreness
  • Promote Stress Relief, Comfort, and Relaxation

Quickly alleviate physical discomfort and stress! ALLEVI8™ temporarily relieves and soothes tension, soreness, and stiffness, so you can relax. Our advanced, naturally infused, adhesive patches deliver fast-acting, concentrated natural relief and a comforting aroma all day or night.

Don’t let an achy body slow you down! Get relief when and where you need it most. When applied to the skin, ALLEVI8™ provides targeted support for muscle and joint tension and help reduce uncomfortable stiffness and soreness. Plus, the soothing effect helps promote stress relief, comfort, and relaxation.

ALLEVI8™ is specially formulated to provide a safe, natural solution for physical discomfort and stress without the negative side effects that come from using products with harmful or toxic ingredients. The biodegradable plant-based adhesive patches are infused with a powerful blend of aromatic, healing herbs with beneficial health properties. ALLEVI8™ redirects the body’s own heat and energy to the areas on which the patch is applied, naturally amplifying relief and comfort.

For more information, refer to the Product Details document linked below. Please note, there are two versions of this product: The original ALLEVI8™ Touch Pads AND the new ALLEVI8 PRO Relief Strips formulated by Dr. Kim Min-soo. Each version is only available in certain markets. If both versions are available in your market, be sure to select the version you want when purchasing.

Fast-Acting Relief & Comfort

Naturally infused adhesive patches for the skin.